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Valentine’s History

Do you ever wonder about the origin of dates such as Valentine’s Day? It is thought by some to originate from the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid February to celebrate the start of springtime. The Roman saint Valentine was imprisoned for marrying soldiers to their sweethearts who had been forbidden to wed. A feast to celebrate his death on February 14th was held annually from AD496. The date and name stuck and are celebrated across the world as a day of love.

The romantic association flourished within the courtly love poems of Chaucer, the 14th century English writer, while under the Victorians, Valentine’s Day became an occasion to offer gifts, confectionery and flowers to express your love. In modern times we have greetings cards and mass produced gifts all to celebrate love. It can feel very commercial and impersonal when the purpose is really to share our love and affection.

Handcrafted Offerings

I think a handcrafted gift shows more thoughtfulness and intimacy. Do you struggle to find the perfect present for your loved one? Our gift range includes personalized items, hand crafted horseshoes hearts and for an extra special touch many of our items, like our short heart accessory with your initials, can be made with your own horseshoes.

As our homes can get overcrowded with ornamental items so it is often wise to buy a gift which is also useful. In this case our heart vase holder is perfect for displaying flowers. If you love the flickering of candlelight, our heart candle holder shows off a jar candle to it’s best. Our wine racks are winners for those who enjoy a tipple and our dinner candlesticks make a stunning display on a mantlepiece.

The male country enthusiast should also not be forgotten and he might appreciate the candle holder or glass & wine holder. He may prefer a bootjack or boot scraper to keep his wellies clean. Our set of horseshoe hooks might be just the thing to grasp his attention and keep him hanging around.

Most items are made to order but you’ll be pleased to hear we also have some made & ready to go. Just get in touch, we’ll be delighted to help you find the most delightful offering for your loved one.

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