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January – Dog Walking Month

Do you have a dog?

Did you know that January is Dog walking month? This is a great opportunity for both you and your dog. For you to walk off those mince pies and the roast dinners consumed over the Festive period.  Your dog(s) will love your new routine or perhaps a new route complete with lots of interesting smells to explore.

Our dogs are Arfur the Border Terrier and Bo the soppy Rottweiler. They both love to have a walk along the river bank which runs in front of Anvil Cottage. It’s called Ten Mile Bank for a reason and as long as the sheep are at the other end, they get to run for miles stopping to inspect “their” river bank along the way.

When we get home from a nice long walk, the last thing I want is to bring half the river bank into our home.  So I’m happy to have one of our horseshoe doormats by the back door. It’s brilliant for scraping the mud off my boots before I enter. Then I remove my wellies using our handmade horseshoe bootjack. It’s perfect for pulling them off without getting the rest of me filthy.

When I step over the threshold in my socks, my boots go on the bootrack and I hang my coat and leads on our horseshoe hooks in our boot room area while the dogs enjoy a well deserved drink of water. I then reward myself with a glass of something nice (Hot Chocolate or Cabernet Sauvingnon) in front of the log burner. The dogs also love to get as close to the fire as possible and steam rises from their fur, gotta love the smell of wet dog in the winter.


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