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Anvil Cottage Crafts Logo & flowers
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Last week we launched our new website and it has been the culmination of months of hard work by members of the Anvil Cottage Crafts team and many others who have supported us in lots of different ways. I would like to take the chance to give these wonderful people a big THANK YOU for their part in achieving the goal of sharing our stylish new website and bringing our sustainable artisan brand to life.

Fiona Humberstone doesn’t even know it but her two books Style your Brand and Brand Brilliance helped me initially discover my aspiration, imagination and to develop my previously unknown design ideas which are the basis for everything we now see. Thank you.

Luke and the team at Infiniti Graphics listened to my fledgling design concepts and turned them into a unique and distinctive style and logo for our business. Thank you.

Sophie Allen has transformed my random notes into evocative blogs and articles which celebrate our vision and communicate it with flair, immersing herself in our rustic, country style. Thank you.

Natasha Biggs’ beautiful and atmospheric imagery has brought our products to life, she has also been a wonderful business support and has not only shared her ideas for presentation but we have also had some fantastic discussions which have encouraged my imagination to thrive. Thank you.

Lydia Berman has transformed and curated the words, logos and photos into a new website which I am immensely proud of and which shares our products and new rental service with our customers clearly and stylishly. Thank you.

Debbie Lewis was my coach and sounding board through the NatWest Accelerator Scheme making the monthly journeys from Ely to Milton Keynes totally worth the time over the last 6 months. She has encouraged me to keep going, to break up my goals into smaller chunks and made me accountable to follow through with my actions each month while challenging my assumptions. Thank you.

I would also like to thank Tara at Tara Punter PR for her honest feedback, Bethan at Finishing Flourishes for her advice on the world of wedding rental, Lucy at My Fancy Feathers and Jane from Fen Frost Art for their collaboration, Mel at Farrier’s Choice, Colin at Norfolk RDA, Joe our first employee and apprentice, Hayley my right hand woman, my lovely daughter and flower girl model Shelby and of course my hard working, uncomplaining, amazing husband and business partner Stuart. Plus all of the friends, customers and followers who have supported and encouraged us on our journey.

I hope the next weeks and months will build on this firm foundation and help us expand the reach of Anvil Cottage Crafts and assist in bringing our beautiful horseshoe creations to equestrian and country lovers around the UK and beyond. Heartfelt thanks to you all, now time to saddle up and get on with it at

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